Scoliosis Care Physical Therapy

Therapy and Rehabilitation, specializing in the Schroth method, Spine care, TMJ, and Orthopedics


Both of my daughters have scoliosis, and have been treated by Jeanann. Their X-rays are proof of how much Schroth really helped them to improve their spinal curvature! We couldn't be happier with the results we've gotten from completing Schroth therapy and are so grateful we've been able to do this with Jeanann.             

L. Thomas, Queens, NY

Jeanann has helped me make tremendous improvement in my scoliosis treatment.  Her caring nature has helped to successfully teach me the Schroth therapy method and the best way to work scoliosis treatment into my daily routine.  My back pain has decreased exponentially all thanks to Jeanann.   

Samantha, 15 year old patient

When I started TMJ treatment with Jeanann I immediately knew she was the right physical therapist for me.  Her concern for her patients makes her go above and beyond.  Her hands on treatments have given me tremendous relief from pain and she has educated me on best postures and exercises so I can continue to control my pain.  I don’t know what I would do without Jeanann.                                                    

K. Salerno, Queens N.Y.
My child was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 13.  My doctor, Dr. Sarwahi, recommended Jeanann for Schroth therapy.  As soon as we started treatment I knew she was the best choice.  Her caring nature for all her patients eased my child into wearing her back brace and being comfortable in it.  The time she spends with each patient facilitated the special bond between my daughter and Jeanann.  Her knowledge and patient care make the long travel time to her office absolutely worth it.                                                                     

Salvatore S.  Brooklyn, NY

Marilyn Grossman reviewed Scoliosis Care Physical Therapy — 5 star
Jeanann Maguffin is amazing! I have been to all kinds of physical therapists, but none that were focused on scoliosis. She has changed my life - and even my posture...

During the most difficult time in my son's life and mine, Jeanann showed compassion and had such an understanding of scoliosis that I knew  she would do everything she could to help my boy.  Jeanann educated us to no end on how to help regain strength in my son's back to keep his spine from regressing to nearly 45 degrees at the age of four when he was first diagnosed with EOS Early Onset Scoliosis.  We started seeing Jeanann after Ryan was casted five different times by a surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery who applied Mehta casting principles.  In the year and a half of casting, his spine went from 45 degrees with rotation to 25 degrees with less rotation.  We then began to see Jeanann twice a week in conjunction with the Rigo Cheneau brace that was worn 16 - 20 hours per day.  She did everything she could to keep the attention of my rambunctious 5 year old son.  She did it with games, trivia questions, toys and she learned quickly that Ryan was competitive by nature and used that to help him win in a specific exercises and excel in them.  We love her.  She has taught us invaluable lessons in body awareness, in exercises that we can incorporate at home and taught Ryan how hard work can keep his spine and muscles strong and straighter.  I believe that physical therapy and bracing brought his curve down to 18 degrees as of his last x-ray.  We will forever be grateful to Jean and continue to update her and see her as Ryan grows. 
Cheryl Bruno 

My daughter Francesca, who will be 18 in October, was diagnosed in 2011 with scoliosis. The orthopedic surgeon we were seeing at the time stated that her curves were too small to warrant a brace. In September of 2013, the curves increased to 31 degrees thoracic curve and 30 degrees lumbar curve. She has an S-curve. Francesca was fitted with a Boston Brace immediately. Although she found it to be uncomfortable, she wore it for 14 hrs/day. In April of 2014, she had her out-of-brace X-ray and her curves had continued to progress to 40 degrees thoracic curve and 30 degrees lumbar curve. We were not happy with the results so we decided to change orthopedic surgeons.  We also were blessed to be introduced to Curvy Girls support group. We listened carefully  as many parents started to discuss the Rigo Cheneau Brace and complement Jeanann Maguffin and her Scoliosis Care Schroth Therapy. We were curious and intrigued since the Curvy Girl guests exhibited such enthusiasm and confidence speaking about the Rigo Cheneau Brace and Schroth Therapy. We did some research and went to Bay Orthopedics and got fitted for the Rigo brace which she wore for 22hrs/day.

At the same time we started Schroth Therapy.  Francesca started to work with Jeanann Maguffin at Scoliosis Care Physical Therapy, PC a couple of times a week for about 10 weeks and then according to her improvement level we lessened the therapy.  Jeanann’s high skill level of Schroth therapy and the ability to understand her patients made each session special for Francesca.  Jeanann provided a structured program which each patient could take home and do on their own.  Francesca understood her curve and learned how to correct it with  all the exercises and posture movements.  Although Francesca is now out of her brace a year (she wore the brace for 2 1/2yrs) she continues to do her Schroth therapy. The positive results have given her the drive to know that all her efforts were not in vain.  

We are so thrilled and grateful that we found Curvy Girls, Robin and Terry, their daughters Leah and Rachel, Grant Wood from Align Clinic, Mike from Bay Orthopedics and Jeanann Maguffin for her Schroth Therapy. This is a winning team.
Fabiola C.         Long Island, NY.