Each persons scoliosis is somewhat unique. A Physical Therapist tailors the scoliosis exercises to the individuals specific curve pattern based on the Schroth Physical Therapy Method. The program is recommended for both adolescents and adults with idiopathic scoliosis.

The treatment program includes; elongation exercises specific to the curve, opening of the spinal concavities through activation of transverse muscular forces, targeted breathing to facilitate derotation, correction of postural asymmetries, trunk stabilization in the corrected position, new improved movement patterns applied throughout ones daily activities, and home program education.

Patients who have undergone spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis can be treated after  healing is complete. The specific exercises will address the trunk imbalances above and below the fusion, maximizing symmetrical forces in the spine after fusion.

Empowerment Through Education

Intensive Individualized       "1 on 1" Training Program & Specialized Treatment


Your treatment will begin with awareness of the changes that take place in your body when you have scoliosis.  When the scoliosis curve in initiated, muscle and postural imbalances occur.  These imbalances ultimately effect the progression of the scoliosis curvature. These asymmetrical forces (muscle dominance and muscle weakness) potentially allow uneven forces on your spine. 


Through education and exercise, instruction is provided to correct the muscle and postural imbalances with specific scoliosis exercises.  Learned postural corrections and muscle activation may prevent curve progression in structural curve.

Scoliosis Care Physical Therapy

Therapy and Rehabilitation, specializing in the Schroth method, Spine care, TMJ, and Orthopedics